Body Contouring

Introducing CoolTone, your new body contouring best friend

We're excited to announce that we were one of the first practices in the world to have CoolTone! Learn more about how it lifts and sculpts areas that are hard to tone.

October 6, 2020

The science behind CoolTone

CoolTone is intended to strengthen and tone muscles without any downtime by stimulating involuntary muscle contractions via magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS).  The body's response to these involuntary contractions is to strengthen the muscle underneath the treated area, which results in stronger, firmer, and more defined muscles. While CoolSculpting freezes and kills fat cells (which are then naturally flushed out of the body), CoolTone works to strengthen and tone underlying muscles.

CoolTone vs. Emsculpt

If you are well-versed in body contouring devices, the science behind CoolTone may sound sort of familiar to Emsculpt. While both devices may use similar technology, CoolTone is 50% more powerful than Emsculpt, which means that the MMS will penetrate deeper into the treated muscle to produce stronger contractions.

CoolTone has 50% more magnetic energy than Emsculpt and other leading competitors, which means CoolTone:

  • Penetrates deeper into muscle fibers for maximum efficacy
  • Creates stronger muscle contractions for better results
  • Sculpts your body faster and better

CoolTone is only at Elias Dermatology

Elias Dermatology is the first practice in Florida to offer CoolTone by CoolSculpting. Sign up to get more information and to receive exclusive early offers before anyone else.


Tighten skin, sculpt your body and build muscle with CoolTone

Kickstart or accelerate your results in the gym with CoolTone by CoolSculpting, the newest FDA-approved body contouring device that helps you build muscle and sculpt your body.

You can make an appointment for CoolTone with Dr. Matthew Elias or Dr. Merrick Elias at both Elias Dermatology locations in Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines.

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